How GPS Software in Phones Has Improved Over the Past 15 Years

How GPS Software in Phones Has Improved Over the Past 15 Years.
Technology. What is it exactly and how has it helped us through the years? Technology is that ever-present advancement in science that has brought ease and comfort into our lives through cutting-edge inventions and wonderfully bright innovations. It has significantly relieved our day to day lives with creations such as Artificial Intelligence or A.I. and Global Positioning System or gps triangulation. The GPS especially has been a big part of our daily lives and one cannot even begin to describe how literally lost we would be without it, but how has it evolved through the years?

Global Positioning System or GPS was originally called Navstar GPS. It consists of about 30 satellites all working together to help you pinpoint where a place or thing is. It even helps determine where exactly you are at a moment’s notice. It was first used in the �70s by the US military and has since expanded in civilian use through the years. It can be commonly found in cars and smartphones. Mobile Applications such as Waze and Google Maps use GPS to help us find the exact location of a place. GPS works in any weather condition and whether a user is indoors or outdoors.

A History
The GPS was a project that was unveiled in 1973 by the U.S. Department of Defense and was used by the U.S. military. In 1995, it became fully operational and was used by civilians in the 1980s. The GPS system was actually created and is being provided by the U.S. government and they can deny access to it whenever they want. The GPS itself does not need the user to transmit any data as it operates independently. Using the internet in conjunction with the GPS greatly enhances the capability of the GPS. GPS gives very important information to all aspects of life whenever one needs directions and is very critical to the military where it is imperative that they know the exact position of enemy bases.
The Future and Beyond
With the many uses of GPS, it is in the smartphones that it is commonly used. Navigation Apps such as Waze, Google Maps, and CoPilot GPS that are downloaded into smartphones rely heavily on GPS. So, how has GPS software in phones improved? For one, GPS software now in phones are very reliable and even gives one 3D mapping of a place. It can show all the details on a street, even the smallest bird on a tree branch can be seen. Another one is one can now track his or her smartphone when it is stolen. The built-in GPS helps one identify the exact location of the stolen phone. Perhaps the most significant improvement over the years is that a company named Broadcom has started to make a GPS chip that can identify a smartphone’s accuracy to within 30 centimeters. They will start putting the GPS chip in some mobile phones starting next year. That will make the GPS more accurate by one foot as compared to the GPS now which has a range of 16 feet.

Software Must Haves if You Want a High Functioning PC

A high functioning PC that can accommodate all your needs is really important nowadays because we are now relying on the computer for most of our tasks. In fact, most of the jobs are also connected to the internet. So, you must consider buying a computer that can be very helpful to you. There must be some particular softwares that are going to help you in your job but there are some functions that are important for every computer user.

Today, we are going to talk about some software products that are important for every PC owner and we are sure that these software products can add more value to your work. Usually, these software products are available at the sites of official vendors but there are some people that purchase the license of the software products and then sell them at affordable rates.

So, you can use these platforms to buy the software products at your desired rates. Platforms like SaveOnIt are the most reliable ones that we recommend when someone asks about the authentic platforms that can provide the best software products at affordable rates. Here is the list of software products that you must have if you want a high functioning PC.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft office is the most basic need for every computer nowadays. You can use different products of Microsoft office at different times. There are different versions of Microsoft Office available nowadays. So, you can choose the version that suits you the best. The latest version of the Microsoft Office is available at very high rates but it also has many interesting features that can help you out in different situations.

However, if you want a computer for basic home use, then you can choose older versions of Microsoft Office for your computer.


The antivirus is also very important for every computer owner. There are different antivirus softwares available with different packages. So, you can easily figure out that which package is perfect for your needs. Avast and Kaspersky are the most popular antivirus softwares that can help protect your computer from malware attacks.

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader can help you open different types of documents in your computer. There are different formats of the text documents that may require an extension to open. In this situation, the Adobe Reader can help you open those documents without downloading any extensions.


IDM is also very useful software that every computer user needs. This software allows you to download multiple files from the internet at a very high speed. And it can also resume the download if the internet is disconnected while downloading a file or a software.

Multimedia player

The multimedia player allows you to play different types of audio and video files on your computer. So, you must choose a top quality multimedia player for your computer. My favorite choice is KMP but you can choose the one that fits your needs. Here are some other softwares that you must have if you want a high functioning computer.

Interesting Softwares that Can Predict Sports Games

Sports prediction software products are very important for the bettors that are looking to place a bet on a sport. There are different types of software products that are designed to make the life of a bettor easier. The bettor can use these softwares to keep an eye on the current performance of a team or player and the software also provides him the regular analysis of how the player is going to perform in the next few minutes.


Thus, the bettor can easily decide that where he should place the bet. Sometimes, the bettors end up having a software that doesn’t help them at all. Some softwares are designed in a manual way and they are operated with the help of the humans working behind the scenes. These humans prepare their own analysis and then post it on the software. Sometimes, the analysis works perfectly while most of the times, it fails and the bettors lose their money.

Therefore, we suggest using the softwares that are directly operated by the bots and no human actions are involved. The bots can make a quick and better analysis as compared to the humans. If you need the best softwares to stay updated about a particular sport, you must take a visit to There are lots of interesting softwares available on this platform that can put your life at ease. Let’s take a look at the interesting softwares that can predict sports games.

Newhaven Software

Newhaven Software is one of the best softwares that are designed to provide accurate predictions about a sport. The software is developed with very complicated algorithms. And it is directly connected to the resources where information about a particular sport is available. This software takes the information from multiple resources and then creates a prediction about a match and displays it on its homepage. It takes only a few seconds to gather the information and then produces the prediction. The statistical analysis provided by this software is mostly accurate and you can blindly trust the predictions made by this software.

In fact, it also provides you access to the complete analysis so that you can make sure that the analysis is based on real facts and figures.

Prediction Machine

Prediction Machine is also a great software for checking the prediction of different sports. Most of the users prefer this software while checking the soccer predictions because it mostly provides the accurate prediction regarding soccer. This software isn’t free and they’d charge you a minimal fee for using their service. And they also provide you access to lots of information about sports betting so that you can make a wise and informed decision. Click Here and take a look at some other softwares that can predict sports games.

Is it Smart to Share Your Folders with Co-Workers?

The co-workers are usually supposed to co-operate with each other whether they like someone or not. The disputes and arguments are very common in workplaces and the HR management always keep sorting out these issues. However, whether you like a co-worker or not, you are supposed to co-operate with them because you have no other options available. Yes, leaving the job is the only option you can avail if you can’t co-operate with your co-workers.

Well, there are some co-workers that are very friendly to each other and they do not have any problem while sharing files or ideas with each other. But there are some colleagues that have a very good relationship with each other but still, they have to face the music when some of their colleagues represent their idea as their own. Only an employee can understand the importance of representing a unique idea in a company.

It can either help you get a promotion or an increment. So, in my opinion, you should avoid sharing your personal ideas and files with your co-workers whether they are your friends or not. However, there is nothing wrong with sharing the official files and documents that are meant to be shared. But it is important that you take all the safety measure before sharing your folders and files with the co-workers.

The routers and switches have made it easier for you to share files and folders with your co-workers. But the problem is that if your co-worker is intelligent enough, he can use this passage to get into the other folders of the computer and steal your ideas and represent them as their own. So, make sure that you install a high-quality security software on your computer before you start transferring files to your co-workers.

Some companies would not allow you to download and install the software on your own. So, you can simply contact the IT department to install the security software on your computer. We are sure that they won’t reject your request because it’s good for them as well as they have to investigate an issue if something goes wrong with a computer.

However, you should choose the software from a reliable company because there are some software providers that are using these software products to steal the information from different individuals. The best folder protection software products are available at There are many other software products available on this website but you can visit other reliable websites if you are unable to find your relevant software here.

You can contact us to find the most relevant software for your needs. Our friendly team will analyze your request and provide you the most relevant software so that you can protect your folder and computer from false attempts. Here are some important things you can do before sharing your folder with your co-workers.

Breaking Down Data Protection on Social Media: Latest Tips on Internet Security

The social media has become a great source of entertainment and information these days. In fact, there are many businesses that have grown instantly with the help of social media and other internet tools. You never realize the importance of data protection on social media unless you suffer from some issues. Usually, your information is secure on social media if you are using it for your personal tasks. But if you are using an account for official purposes, you should try to make it secure so that nobody can take it away from you.

I still remember the day when I logged into my company’s social media account and came to know that someone had hacked the account and performed some unusual activities on the account. It was really surprising to me because I never thought that someone can even hack my account on top social media sites. However, I reported this issue and got my account recovered but the music that I had to face was really embarrassing.

After recovering the account, the officials sent me information about data protection on social media. So, I want to share this information with you so that you may not get trapped. Here is some information about data protection on social media.

Always use your personal computer

Whenever you are trying to login to your account, make sure that you are using your personal computer because there are many tools introduced these days through which the owner of the computer can copy your password and then use it the way they want. So, you should avoid using someone else’s computer while logging in to your social media account.

Do not use free Wi-Fi

The free Wi-Fi facility is now available in all the popular places. We do not feel insecure while using these networks to log in to our account. But you should avoid using these networks for logging into your social media account because some of these networks are only supposed to steal your information and then use it the way they want.

Set Privacy

Whenever you join a social media platform, you need to make sure that you carefully set the privacy of your account so that nobody can steal your information. The privacy option is available on all the popular social media sites. So, you can use this option to secure your account from irrelevant activities.

Careful purchases

Sometimes, we use our social media accounts to purchase things from different websites. This may put our account information at a risk. We need to make sure that we are making these purchases on the authentic platforms otherwise, our information may get hacked. Even if you are purchasing instagramfollowers, you need to make sure that you are dealing with a reliable seller.

Top Internet Security Software You Must Purchase This Year

Have you ever imagined that what would happen to your computer if someone hacks it? Most of us believe that nobody is going to hack our computer ever because we are not running any kind of business on it. It is the common concept that hackers only hack the computers that have some secret information on them. Well, sometimes the hackers only hack your computer for some fun and once they get into your computer, they can steal anything they want.

Whether you use your computer for business or not, you always use it to make several banking transactions. So, the hackers can easily steal your banking information by getting into your computer or they can also steal your personal photographs and other documents from your computer and then use that information to blackmail you.

So, why don’t you think of securing your computer instead of becoming a victim of these illegal attempts? Today, we are going to talk about the top internet security software products that will keep you safe on the internet. Whatever device you use to visit the internet, you must install an internet security software in it because hackers can steal your information from all kinds of devices. Here is the list of top internet security software products that you must purchase this year if you want to stay safe on the internet.

Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky is one of the most popular antiviruses that is providing proper security to the customers. The firewall of this antivirus is extremely powerful than all other software products. It can immediately detect the malware and protect you from all kind of hacking attempts. You can now easily access your bank account or credit card online without worrying about being hacked. You can download and use this antivirus on your computer or any other device once you have purchased their premium account.

Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender is also a very popular Internet Security Software that has been protecting the customers from all kind of hacking attempts. There is only a minor difference between the features of Bitdefender and Kaspersky. However, the price difference may convince you to buy the Bitdefender because Bitdefender is available at very attractive rates. So, you must install this antivirus on your mobile and computer so that you may stay safe while surfing the internet.


The Norton antivirus has been around for years now and it can protect you from all kind of hacking attempts. You can use this software to detect malware on all the devices and then you can either block or delete the virus with the help of this software. The deleting feature is only available in the premium version. Therefore, you should purchase the premium version of this software. Click Here and some information about the top internet security software products.

Taking a look at software platforms used to make investing in Bitcoin easier

Over the last 7 years, Bitcoin has evolved to become the most valuable and sought-after form of Cryptocurrency. There are many complex platforms that people use to generate and trade bitcoins. Some of them are legitimate while others are scams.  One recent software platform showing a lot of promise is United Software Intelligence Technology (USI Tech).  The USI Tech system holds your funds in bitcoin-denominated packages and earn you profits on a daily basis. Below is an overview of how it works and reasons why you should invest in it.

How it works

After you create a completely free account, you can purchase Bitcoin packages. Each package goes for around 50 euros. On average, a package generates 1% of profits each day, which is compounded for 140 days. This means that a package grows to about 80 euros in a month. What If you had invested a total of 1000 euros? In a month, you would have around 1400 euros. That is the sweet investment opportunity that comes with USI Tech. You can go about investing until you have money equal to 1 or more bitcoins. They offer several easy ways to withdraw your returns.

Reasons why you should use USI Tech

  • It is cheap to get started. The fact that their account opening is always available and absolutely free tells a lot. You also do not have to be financially stable to kick-start your journey with USI Tech. 50 euros and a little patience are all you require.
  • It is recognized as a world leader by many across the globe. Many successful business sensations have recognized and referred to it as an unstoppable force.This drives away doubts. The market is filled with scammers, and there is always a reason to confirm legitimacy and authenticity.
  • It offers a tremendous profit foundation. You can make money from both Bitcoin mining and arbitrage trading. You can trade your bitcoins on various exchange sites and take advantage of the difference in prices, all the while growing your wealth.
  • USI Tech is powered by extremely intelligent and innovative technology. Therefore, every aspect of the system works at a high capacity, openness, and efficiency.
  • It is a sound and an all-round platform. Besides trading bitcoins, it allows you to invest in forex exchange as well. These 2 have the largest turnover of currency investments in the world. You thereby are able to work on a centralized platform.
  • It offers you all the tools you require to succeed in this business. These tools and tips together with sophisticated technology guarantee better profits.

As you can see, USI Tech is a perfect investment platform that you should use and make a living out of. It is managed by an extremely good team of experts that will ensure you always make a profit. With the Bitcoin exchange rate expected to hit $5000 in the recent future, you should join USI Tech and reap from their amazing offers.

How can a programmer protect his projects and software

Being a programmer comes with significant responsibilities. Whether you are a freelancer or working for a company, your codes, projects, and software need to be protected in case of the possible cyber attack. Here are some great tips that will make sure your software stays secure.

Tip #1

Install a reliable anti-virus program. It’s one of the simplest steps in protecting your software and projects, yet many programmers fail to do that. Protecting your work environments such as PC, tablet or a laptop is essential if you want to keep your software and projects safe. An anti-virus can be set to run regular checks and scan your system, which will prevent the appearance of viruses and malware.

help keeping your software secureTip #2

Choose a licensing strategy that will maximize your revenue. After all, you’re creating software to make profits, regardless of the fact whether you’re self-employed or work for someone else. A licensing strategy helps in establishing the connection between your software and licensing manager. That way, you’ll always know if your software is a subject to piracy or misuse by your client.

Tip #3

Sign up for a strong copy protection. Having a standalone software is not the best solution for your business because it could be easily pirated. If you’re looking for help keeping your software secure, a strong copy protection is 90% of the battle.  In order to prevent your software from being pirated, you need a strong copy protection, i.e. when your software talks to the license often, which will make the chance of getting your software cracked or pirated meager.

Tip #4

Sign up for an IT insurance policy. With the constant increase of cyber risks, getting an IT insurance policy can help you long-term. The insurance applies to both independent contractors and companies, and it allows you to protect your data. The greatest benefit of having an IT insurance policy is that you’ll have the resources to cover enormous costs of lawsuits by your clients.

Tip #5

Secure your hardware. Using a personal USB stick or a hard drive on your business computer may seem “reasonable”, but in reality can be a risky move. Many reported cases of data breach and theft had happened when using a personal USB stick to collect and transfer data from one computer to another. That’s why you need to use only hardware that is encrypted, to reduce the risk of data breach.

Tip #6

help keeping your software secureUse cloud sharing options. The developers recognized the need for cloud storing and sharing of confidential data. That’s why they are working on improving the aspects of cloud storages to help programmers, web developers, and designers to protect their projects and software. If you own a cloud storage, make sure it’s password protected. In the case of a company, the management should keep the login and password information available to a few people, to prevent possible data breaches and other cyber incidents.

Additionally, you need to check the updates for the programmes and software you’re using. It’s essential to do that so you always have a highest level protection. For more tips on software protection, click here.

What to look for when choosing a power server

It is not easy choosing a power server, we can’t ignore the truth that the power supply unit is about the most significant component in server computers. Almost every other component relies on the efficiency of the power server. Learning some valuable information will go a long way in helping you choose he right power server for your computer system.

You need to have in mind that a power server is a very complex connected device, you might not necessarily understand but they must locate the right amount of direct current among the entire server component. For server elements to work at full capacity, this unit must provide enough power, especially the motherboard and processor. To help give you a better idea of what to look for, here are things you need to look out for when choosing a good power server.

Server Power Supply Efficiency

The PSU efficiency explains the major difference between the amounts of AC power. It is practically only in ideal situations that we can expect the PSU to perform at 100%, which is almost impossible. However, modern PSU’s perform at about 70-98% efficiency. So when choosing a good power server, look out for the efficiency.

The Power Supply Output

This is also one of the things to look out for in choosing a good power server. This is the DC output, from which enough power can be supplied to different server components. Currently, IBM servers are some of the best on the market, especially the Power 7 servers.  If you want to read a great review of them, these are the best IBM Power7 Server Reviews available.  The most power-required unit, which is the motherboard and the central processor, is in need of the power supply output.

If you have an old power supply unit that can not cope with the fact that the CPU will consume more power when the load on it intensifies, then the server may just overheat and trip off.



Mean Time Between Failure

This is a way to measure the working capacity of the PSU in normal conditions. You can say that the “Mean Time Between Failure” calculates the lifespan of the PSU. Over time the PSU capacity will drop as a result of over working. The calculation of the Mean Time Between Failure would have to drop at that time. This is one thing you need to check out for when choosing the right power server.

The Power Supply Unit Weight

When we compare the former characteristics of a good power server, most people will not take this one into account.  But hold on a minute, the power supply unit weight is really important. This practically shows the direct evidence of the quality of the power server. For instance, taking two power servers and weigh them. The one that has a lighter weight is less quality that the one with a higher weight because it simply means that there is much more capacity in the one that weighs more. The manufacturer has reduced the capacity in the one that weighed less.

This is one of the reasons of overheating during a high workload. If proper care is not taken this may lead to some damage.

So when choosing the right power server, now you know what to look out for.

Best e-Learning Platforms for IT professionals

Many IT professionals are now headed towards e-learning platforms because they have understood the reality that e-learning platforms are the best to clear their concept of different technologies. Now, the problem these IT professionals are facing is that they are confused about choosing an e-learning platform to continue their journey because there are so many e-learning platforms committed to providing their services.

In this situation, the IT professionals usually rely on the referrals to find the best e-learning platforms but the problem is that the referrals usually lead them towards non-worthy platforms because these referrals are also supposed to produce some income for the referrers. So, this usually misleads these IT professionals and most of them are stuck in deciding that which platform may provide them the knowledge they are looking for.

We have conducted some research and found the most authentic and reliable platforms that are committed to keeping their promises. So, after properly analyzing the performance of these platforms, we are now ready to share the information about the platforms that IT professionals can use. Here are the best e-Learning Platforms that can provide the best information to IT professionals.


Lynda is one of the best platforms when it comes to talking about the e-Learning Platforms. During our research, we found that they only hire the IT experts to produce some tutorials for their platform. They have tutorials available on their platform that are useful for the IT professionals from all categories. The best part is that you need to buy a monthly membership for $30 only and you’ll be able to access all the courses that are available on Lynda.

You won’t have to pay any extra fee for accessing a series of the tutorial because all of them are available to you once you have purchased the membership. So, it’s the best platform to start your journey and become an expert.


Mystatlab is a new platform but it is perfect for those IT professionals that are looking to extend their knowledge about the latest technologies. The latest technologies are going to dominate the world in the future. Therefore, you should take help from this platform to expand your knowledge about these technologies. mystatlab quiz answers make it easier for you to test your knowledge regularly. You can even win big rewards by completing the quiz perfectly.


Coursera is another popular platform where experts from top Universities in the USA are helping the IT professionals. You can sign up for free to take a trial of this platform. Once you are satisfied, you’d be asked to purchase a premium membership. You can choose the plan that suits you the best. There are different plans available for different kinds of people. So, you won’t face any difficulty if you are tight on budget. Click Here and Take a look at some other e-learning platforms for IT professionals.

The Best Softwares out Today to Manage Your Business

Running a business successfully has become very easy nowadays as you can easily handle the business with the help of different tools available to you. For example, if you are looking to promote your business, you won’t have to be worried about spending money on advertising your business because you can easily promote your business to your targeted audience without wasting your money.

Similarly, the business management is also a tedious task that requires the use of different software programs. Fortunately, there are different business management tools introduced nowadays that can help in managing your business without making a lot of efforts. You won’t have to be worried about hiring a manager anymore if you have these tools available to you.

We recommend that you must take a visit to if you want to find the software products that can make the business management easier for you. You’d find a wide collection of software products available there. Make sure that you carefully read the description of each and every product before making a purchase.

These products will take the load off of your shoulders and they will make things easier for you. Here are the best software products that you can use to manage your business nowadays.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel has now become a part of every small and big business. So, whether you have started a new business or running an old one, this software can help you a lot as it can solve several queries for you within a few seconds and it can also make many things easier for you. You can use this software to perform several other tasks. Preparing the inventory is really important when you are running a business. So, Microsoft Excel is the perfect tool that can help prepare the inventory in an easy way. Click Here and take a look at how Microsoft Excel can help manage your business.


The salesforce has been around for many years now. It is the software that allows you to analyze the performance of your employee and improve your work efficiency to best entertain your customers. This software is a little bit expensive but it takes a lot of load off of your shoulders. So, if you can make a bigger investment in your business, then Salesforce is the best option for you. Here are the benefits of using Salesforce for your business.

Quickbooks Pro

The Quickbooks is the software that allows you to manage all your reports in a very quick way. There are hundreds of templates available on this software that allows you to prepare different kinds of reports. The invoicing, time tracking, inventory preparation, and several other tasks can be performed with the help of this software. You can make it a part of your business if you want to boost the performance of your business.

Interesting Software Developments in Windows in 2018

The mobiles, tablets and many other similar devices have become very common these days and we regularly use these devices in our daily routine. But the invention of these devices hasn’t put a negative impact on the importance of the Desktop computers. Even they have played an important role in giving a boost to the desktop computers and laptops.

For all the complicated issues, we take help from our computers to solve those issues. All the computers are working on the Windows operating systems. The Mac has also become very famous and it has its own operating system but the importance of the Computer and windows is still not affected and it would also remain the same in the years to come.

The Windows software has gone through several changes in the past few years and it is constantly moving towards advancement. All the Windows 10 users must be aware of the recent update of Windows where several changes are made to Cortana that is a very powerful software of windows.

In today’s article, we are also going to talk about some similar advancements that are going to be launched in the next update of the Windows.

These advancements will bring a new change to this industry and they would make many difficulties easier for you. So, here are some interesting software developments that will be introduced in 2018.

Augmented Reality

The Microsoft is looking to add some augmented reality software products to the new update of 2018. These software products would make your life much easier. You’d be able to use these software products to schedule several tasks and get several things done without putting enough effort. The Augmented Reality would bring all the important features at your fingertips and you’d easily be able to access them just by a single touch. So, get ready and wait for this new development.

Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence has already been introduced in the previous update but now there will be several other interesting software products that will make your life easier for you. You won’t have to put in a lot of effort to complete several tasks as your computer will be performing all the important tasks for you. Even your computer will start working as the secretary that will keep you informed about your everyday routine.

Integration with Android

The Windows will possibly be integrated with the Android operating system in this new update. You can already use the Android operating system on your computer with the help of the bluestack. But in this new update, the Microsoft will officially allow you to use those apps on your computer and the speed of your computer won’t be affected at all while the Bluestack significantly reduces the speed of your computers when you are using an android app.