Top Internet Security Software You Must Purchase This Year

Have you ever imagined that what would happen to your computer if someone hacks it? Most of us believe that nobody is going to hack our computer ever because we are not running any kind of business on it. It is the common concept that hackers only hack the computers that have some secret information on them. Well, sometimes the hackers only hack your computer for some fun and once they get into your computer, they can steal anything they want.

Whether you use your computer for business or not, you always use it to make several banking transactions. So, the hackers can easily steal your banking information by getting into your computer or they can also steal your personal photographs and other documents from your computer and then use that information to blackmail you.

So, why don’t you think of securing your computer instead of becoming a victim of these illegal attempts? Today, we are going to talk about the top internet security software products that will keep you safe on the internet. Whatever device you use to visit the internet, you must install an internet security software in it because hackers can steal your information from all kinds of devices. Here is the list of top internet security software products that you must purchase this year if you want to stay safe on the internet.

Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky is one of the most popular antiviruses that is providing proper security to the customers. The firewall of this antivirus is extremely powerful than all other software products. It can immediately detect the malware and protect you from all kind of hacking attempts. You can now easily access your bank account or credit card online without worrying about being hacked. You can download and use this antivirus on your computer or any other device once you have purchased their premium account.

Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender is also a very popular Internet Security Software that has been protecting the customers from all kind of hacking attempts. There is only a minor difference between the features of Bitdefender and Kaspersky. However, the price difference may convince you to buy the Bitdefender because Bitdefender is available at very attractive rates. So, you must install this antivirus on your mobile and computer so that you may stay safe while surfing the internet.


The Norton antivirus has been around for years now and it can protect you from all kind of hacking attempts. You can use this software to detect malware on all the devices and then you can either block or delete the virus with the help of this software. The deleting feature is only available in the premium version. Therefore, you should purchase the premium version of this software.

How GPS Software in Phones Has Improved Over the Past 15 Years

Technology. What is it exactly and how has it helped us through the years? Technology is that ever-present advancement in science that has brought ease and comfort into our lives through cutting-edge inventions and wonderfully bright innovations. It has significantly relieved our day to day lives with creations such as Artificial Intelligence or A.I. and Global Positioning System or gps triangulation. The GPS especially has been a big part of our daily lives and one cannot even begin to describe how literally lost we would be without it, but how has it evolved through the years?

Global Positioning System or GPS was originally called Navstar GPS. It consists of about 30 satellites all working together to help you pinpoint where a place or thing is. It even helps determine where exactly you are at a moment’s notice. It was first used in the �70s by the US military and has since expanded in civilian use through the years. It can be commonly found in cars and smartphones. Mobile Applications such as Waze and Google Maps use GPS to help us find the exact location of a place. GPS works in any weather condition and whether a user is indoors or outdoors.

A History
The GPS was a project that was unveiled in 1973 by the U.S. Department of Defense and was used by the U.S. military. In 1995, it became fully operational and was used by civilians in the 1980s. The GPS system was actually created and is being provided by the U.S. government and they can deny access to it whenever they want. The GPS itself does not need the user to transmit any data as it operates independently. Using the internet in conjunction with the GPS greatly enhances the capability of the GPS. GPS gives very important information to all aspects of life whenever one needs directions and is very critical to the military where it is imperative that they know the exact position of enemy bases.
The Future and Beyond
With the many uses of GPS, it is in the smartphones that it is commonly used. Navigation Apps such as Waze, Google Maps, and CoPilot GPS that are downloaded into smartphones rely heavily on GPS. So, how has GPS software in phones improved? For one, GPS software now in phones are very reliable and even gives one 3D mapping of a place. It can show all the details on a street, even the smallest bird on a tree branch can be seen. Another one is one can now track his or her smartphone when it is stolen. The built-in GPS helps one identify the exact location of the stolen phone. Perhaps the most significant improvement over the years is that a company named Broadcom has started to make a GPS chip that can identify a smartphone’s accuracy to within 30 centimeters. They will start putting the GPS chip in some mobile phones starting next year. That will make the GPS more accurate by one foot as compared to the GPS now which has a range of 16 feet.