Interesting Software Developments in Windows in 2018

The mobiles, tablets and many other similar devices have become very common these days and we regularly use these devices in our daily routine. But the invention of these devices hasn’t put a negative impact on the importance of the Desktop computers. Even they have played an important role in giving a boost to the desktop computers and laptops.

For all the complicated issues, we take help from our computers to solve those issues. All the computers are working on the Windows operating systems. The Mac has also become very famous and it has its own operating system but the importance of the Computer and windows is still not affected and it would also remain the same in the years to come.

The Windows software has gone through several changes in the past few years and it is constantly moving towards advancement. All the Windows 10 users must be aware of the recent update of Windows where several changes are made to Cortana that is a very powerful software of windows.

In today’s article, we are also going to talk about some similar advancements that are going to be launched in the next update of the Windows.

These advancements will bring a new change to this industry and they would make many difficulties easier for you. So, here are some interesting software developments that will be introduced in 2018.

Augmented Reality

The Microsoft is looking to add some augmented reality software products to the new update of 2018. These software products would make your life much easier. You’d be able to use these software products to schedule several tasks and get several things done without putting enough effort. The Augmented Reality would bring all the important features at your fingertips and you’d easily be able to access them just by a single touch. So, get ready and wait for this new development.

Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence has already been introduced in the previous update but now there will be several other interesting software products that will make your life easier for you. You won’t have to put in a lot of effort to complete several tasks as your computer will be performing all the important tasks for you. Even your computer will start working as the secretary that will keep you informed about your everyday routine.

Integration with Android

The Windows will possibly be integrated with the Android operating system in this new update. You can already use the Android operating system on your computer with the help of the bluestack. But in this new update, the Microsoft will officially allow you to use those apps on your computer and the speed of your computer won’t be affected at all while the Bluestack significantly reduces the speed of your computers when you are using an android app.

Taking a look at software platforms used to make investing in Bitcoin easier

Over the last 7 years, Bitcoin has evolved to become the most valuable and sought-after form of Cryptocurrency. There are many complex platforms that people use to generate and trade bitcoins. Some of them are legitimate while others are scams.  One recent software platform showing a lot of promise is United Software Intelligence Technology (USI Tech).  The USI Tech system holds your funds in bitcoin-denominated packages and earn you profits on a daily basis. Below is an overview of how it works and reasons why you should invest in it.

How it works

After you create a completely free account, you can purchase Bitcoin packages. Each package goes for around 50 euros. On average, a package generates 1% of profits each day, which is compounded for 140 days. This means that a package grows to about 80 euros in a month. What If you had invested a total of 1000 euros? In a month, you would have around 1400 euros. That is the sweet investment opportunity that comes with USI Tech. You can go about investing until you have money equal to 1 or more bitcoins. They offer several easy ways to withdraw your returns.

Reasons why you should use USI Tech

  • It is cheap to get started. The fact that their account opening is always available and absolutely free tells a lot. You also do not have to be financially stable to kick-start your journey with USI Tech. 50 euros and a little patience are all you require.
  • It is recognized as a world leader by many across the globe. Many successful business sensations have recognized and referred to it as an unstoppable force.This drives away doubts. The market is filled with scammers, and there is always a reason to confirm legitimacy and authenticity.
  • It offers a tremendous profit foundation. You can make money from both Bitcoin mining and arbitrage trading. You can trade your bitcoins on various exchange sites and take advantage of the difference in prices, all the while growing your wealth.
  • USI Tech is powered by extremely intelligent and innovative technology. Therefore, every aspect of the system works at a high capacity, openness, and efficiency.
  • It is a sound and an all-round platform. Besides trading bitcoins, it allows you to invest in forex exchange as well. These 2 have the largest turnover of currency investments in the world. You thereby are able to work on a centralized platform.
  • It offers you all the tools you require to succeed in this business. These tools and tips together with sophisticated technology guarantee better profits.

As you can see, USI Tech is a perfect investment platform that you should use and make a living out of. It is managed by an extremely good team of experts that will ensure you always make a profit. With the Bitcoin exchange rate expected to hit $5000 in the recent future, you should join USI Tech and reap from their amazing offers.

How can a programmer protect his projects and software

Being a programmer comes with significant responsibilities. Whether you are a freelancer or working for a company, your codes, projects, and software need to be protected in case of the possible cyber attack. Here are some great tips that will make sure your software stays secure.

Tip #1

Install a reliable anti-virus program. It’s one of the simplest steps in protecting your software and projects, yet many programmers fail to do that. Protecting your work environments such as PC, tablet or a laptop is essential if you want to keep your software and projects safe. An anti-virus can be set to run regular checks and scan your system, which will prevent the appearance of viruses and malware.

help keeping your software secureTip #2

Choose a licensing strategy that will maximize your revenue. After all, you’re creating software to make profits, regardless of the fact whether you’re self-employed or work for someone else. A licensing strategy helps in establishing the connection between your software and licensing manager. That way, you’ll always know if your software is a subject to piracy or misuse by your client.

Tip #3

Sign up for a strong copy protection. Having a standalone software is not the best solution for your business because it could be easily pirated. If you’re looking for help keeping your software secure, a strong copy protection is 90% of the battle.  In order to prevent your software from being pirated, you need a strong copy protection, i.e. when your software talks to the license often, which will make the chance of getting your software cracked or pirated meager.

Tip #4

Sign up for an IT insurance policy. With the constant increase of cyber risks, getting an IT insurance policy can help you long-term. The insurance applies to both independent contractors and companies, and it allows you to protect your data. The greatest benefit of having an IT insurance policy is that you’ll have the resources to cover enormous costs of lawsuits by your clients.

Tip #5

Secure your hardware. Using a personal USB stick or a hard drive on your business computer may seem “reasonable”, but in reality can be a risky move. Many reported cases of data breach and theft had happened when using a personal USB stick to collect and transfer data from one computer to another. That’s why you need to use only hardware that is encrypted, to reduce the risk of data breach.

Tip #6

help keeping your software secureUse cloud sharing options. The developers recognized the need for cloud storing and sharing of confidential data. That’s why they are working on improving the aspects of cloud storages to help programmers, web developers, and designers to protect their projects and software. If you own a cloud storage, make sure it’s password protected. In the case of a company, the management should keep the login and password information available to a few people, to prevent possible data breaches and other cyber incidents.

Additionally, you need to check the updates for the programmes and software you’re using. It’s essential to do that so you always have a highest level protection. For more tips on software protection, click here.

What to look for when choosing a power server

It is not easy choosing a power server, we can’t ignore the truth that the power supply unit is about the most significant component in server computers. Almost every other component relies on the efficiency of the power server. Learning some valuable information will go a long way in helping you choose he right power server for your computer system.

You need to have in mind that a power server is a very complex connected device, you might not necessarily understand but they must locate the right amount of direct current among the entire server component. For server elements to work at full capacity, this unit must provide enough power, especially the motherboard and processor. To help give you a better idea of what to look for, here are things you need to look out for when choosing a good power server.

Server Power Supply Efficiency

The PSU efficiency explains the major difference between the amounts of AC power. It is practically only in ideal situations that we can expect the PSU to perform at 100%, which is almost impossible. However, modern PSU’s perform at about 70-98% efficiency. So when choosing a good power server, look out for the efficiency.

The Power Supply Output

This is also one of the things to look out for in choosing a good power server. This is the DC output, from which enough power can be supplied to different server components. Currently, IBM servers are some of the best on the market, especially the Power 7 servers.  If you want to read a great review of them, these are the best IBM Power7 Server Reviews available.  The most power-required unit, which is the motherboard and the central processor, is in need of the power supply output.

If you have an old power supply unit that can not cope with the fact that the CPU will consume more power when the load on it intensifies, then the server may just overheat and trip off.



Mean Time Between Failure

This is a way to measure the working capacity of the PSU in normal conditions. You can say that the “Mean Time Between Failure” calculates the lifespan of the PSU. Over time the PSU capacity will drop as a result of over working. The calculation of the Mean Time Between Failure would have to drop at that time. This is one thing you need to check out for when choosing the right power server.

The Power Supply Unit Weight

When we compare the former characteristics of a good power server, most people will not take this one into account.  But hold on a minute, the power supply unit weight is really important. This practically shows the direct evidence of the quality of the power server. For instance, taking two power servers and weigh them. The one that has a lighter weight is less quality that the one with a higher weight because it simply means that there is much more capacity in the one that weighs more. The manufacturer has reduced the capacity in the one that weighed less.

This is one of the reasons of overheating during a high workload. If proper care is not taken this may lead to some damage.

So when choosing the right power server, now you know what to look out for.

How the legendary game Counter Strike has evolved over the years

Counter Strike is one of the popular games which make everyone addict to the gaming world and people who never played games also become a part of the gaming world after playing these games. There are many people in the world who love to play Counter Strike these days.

Over the years it has been seen that counter strike has evolved a lot. Old players are completely aware of the changes they have seen during the past few years. Let’s have a look at the changes came over the years in your favorite game.


If you are the one who has seen the counter strike from the very first version before any changes were made in it, then you must be aware of the changes that occurred in the map of this game. The map is one of the most important factors in this game.

Now you can see that the changes in a map are visible and they are looking absolutely amazing. You can now have a better picture of the location when you are proceeding further in the game and when you want to reach a certain location.


We all know that the game took a very simple start but the graphics of the games were still amazing at that time. Now after years if you compare the graphics, you can see that there is a great difference.

As compared to the old graphics, the animation and overall quality of the game is much improved and it feels like you are in a virtual world. The improvement of the game attracts many gamers who want to become a regular part of the gaming world.


The weapon you’re using in the game and the points that you have to choose your favorite weapon to proceed further matter a lot in this game and they’re an important factor in this game.

In the beginning, the weapons were not only limited but expensive as well. Players had to do a lot of struggle to get their favorite weapon but now there is a wide range of weapons available for you and they’re cheap as well. Thus, you have more opportunities for enhancing your gaming experience.


When it was just a starting, people used to play it with their friends and community was not that vast at that time like it is now. Counter Strike version 1.0 had a very limited community of the players.

The game was new and you can say that it was not that popular among the people. The game started getting popular as people started playing it with their friends but now there are so many members of the community that you can’t even imagine.


Many people used to complain about the instability of the servers. They used to say that during the game it has been seen that game is getting slow but now people are also going towards the counter strike Juego es re-Bueno for a better experience.

Latest Cloud Solutions for IT industry

In the fast-moving computer tech era, business executives are looking for a complete strategy that is pure cloud based and deals with the roadmaps aligning the business demands and future anticipation to excel.

The cloud system must also be capable to provide a full-enterprise solution for network applications to the infrastructure of the cloud system.

In a simple definition of cloud computing system, it can be said that the style of shared based computing resources that are delivered in a mannered program using the web technologies for storing information.

Many organizations have been working to strengthen the collaboration between teams and to really put an impact on the development of broadband metropolitan area network that enables the world to do more.

BMAN Management commonly known as Broadband Metropolitan Area Network is a telecommunication service from Sprint in the U.S.A.

The company provides broadband access to corporate users the facility of the internet from the optic fiber lines that are preserved in the system stream lines in case a connection is disconnected or the communication line is cut off.

The biggest advantage is the potential speed of the bandwidth that is connecting the links meaning that the sharing on the networks is far quicker than access through other networking.

The main function of the BMAN is to incorporate with the networks to form a single network that works as a backbone on the optic fiber setting.

The main streamline target of the metropolitan area network is to interconnect the public sector with the private sector and thus eventually the broadband infrastructure will be developed under the open network available from the optic fiber in a convenient way.

The importance of the broadband metropolitan area network may be extremely beneficial for the strategic objectives towards developing a cloud strategy and to intervene the implementing of the Information Society.

The development of the cloud framework provides an opportunity for a full range of IT related queries that can generate business outcomes and such shared and managed networking can also unleash a full process of understanding an application.

The upgrading of the cloud system in enterprises are important in the IT industry as the complex business transformations can easily be driven by innovation and the lower costs that reduce the complex networking parameters for cloud computing.

Finally, for many IT lovers, the big question remains; what type of role are you looking when the cloud computing will lead your networking.


What does a traditional RDBMS programmer or architect need to understand to be productive with NoSQL (Not-only SQL technologies) and DCP (data caching platforms)?

I asked this question of our development team.

Here’s their list of things to know:

  1. Understand how ACID compares with BASE (Basically Available, Soft-state, Eventually Consistent)
  2. Understand persistence vs non-persistence, i.e., some NoSQL technologies are entirely in-memory data stores
  3. Recognize there are entirely different data models from traditional normalized tabular formats: Columnar (Cassandra) vs key/value (Memcached) vs document-oriented (CouchDB)  vs graph oriented (Neo4j)
  4. Be ready to deal with no standard interface like JDBC/ODBC or standarized query language like SQL; every NoSQL tool has a different interface
  5. Architects: rewire your brain to the fact that web-scale/large-scale NoSQL systems are distributed across dozens to hundreds of servers and networks as opposed to a shared database system
  6. Get used to the possibly uncomfortable realization that you won’t know where data lives (most of the time)
  7. Get used to the fact that data may not always be consistent; ‘eventually consistent’ is one of the key elements of the BASE model (I see this latency issue all the time in Twitter, in ‘Followers’ list)
  8. Get used to the fact that data may not always be available
  9. Understand that some solutions are partition-tolerant and some are not

These attributes vary from one system to another. It’s as important to understand the differences among NoSQL technologies as it is important to understand how they differ from a traditional RDBMS.

Here is a pretty good list of the many NoSQL products, from a respected member of the community, Alex Popescu.

Learn more about our performance monitoring solution for Java, NoSQL and web servers.

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The Evident ClearStone Cassandra Management Pack enables comprehensive Cassandra NoSQL performance monitoring. ClearStone collects statistical data from all JVMs in a cluster, and reports key performance metrics, including:

  • Thread pool statistics
  • Column Family Store statistics
  • Commit Log statistics
  • Storage Proxy statistics
  • Storage Service statistics
  • Streaming Service statistics
  • JVM statistics

ClearStone can perform parallel JMX collections from all the Cassandra nodes in the Cassandra NoSQL cluster. The data from these nodes can be consolidated and aggregated into a logical cluster as defined in the collection configuration. This provides an aggregated view of the Cassandra NoSQL clusters. Users can utilize the pre-build perspectives in the Real-Time Dashboard to monitor Cassandra NoSQL performance and other activity characteristics. In addition, administrators can configure additional monitoring policies to alert operators when there are performance issues with the Cassandra JVMs, thread pools, column family stores, etc.

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