Breaking Down Data Protection on Social Media: Latest Tips on Internet Security

The social media has become a great source of entertainment and information these days. In fact, there are many businesses that have grown instantly with the help of social media and other internet tools. You never realize the importance of data protection on social media unless you suffer from some issues. Usually, your information is secure on social media if you are using it for your personal tasks. But if you are using an account for official purposes, you should try to make it secure so that nobody can take it away from you.

I still remember the day when I logged into my company’s social media account and came to know that someone had hacked the account and performed some unusual activities on the account. It was really surprising to me because I never thought that someone can even hack my account on top social media sites. However, I reported this issue and got my account recovered but the music that I had to face was really embarrassing.

After recovering the account, the officials sent me information about data protection on social media. So, I want to share this information with you so that you may not get trapped. Here is some information about data protection on social media.

Always use your personal computer

Whenever you are trying to login to your account, make sure that you are using your personal computer because there are many tools introduced these days through which the owner of the computer can copy your password and then use it the way they want. So, you should avoid using someone else’s computer while logging in to your social media account.

Do not use free Wi-Fi

The free Wi-Fi facility is now available in all the popular places. We do not feel insecure while using these networks to log in to our account. But you should avoid using these networks for logging into your social media account because some of these networks are only supposed to steal your information and then use it the way they want.

Set Privacy

Whenever you join a social media platform, you need to make sure that you carefully set the privacy of your account so that nobody can steal your information. The privacy option is available on all the popular social media sites. So, you can use this option to secure your account from irrelevant activities.

Careful purchases

Sometimes, we use our social media accounts to purchase things from different websites. This may put our account information at a risk. We need to make sure that we are making these purchases on the authentic platforms otherwise, our information may get hacked. Even if you are purchasing instagramfollowers, you need to make sure that you are dealing with a reliable seller.

Best e-Learning Platforms for IT professionals

Many IT professionals are now headed towards e-learning platforms because they have understood the reality that e-learning platforms are the best to clear their concept of different technologies. Now, the problem these IT professionals are facing is that they are confused about choosing an e-learning platform to continue their journey because there are so many e-learning platforms committed to providing their services.

In this situation, the IT professionals usually rely on the referrals to find the best e-learning platforms but the problem is that the referrals usually lead them towards non-worthy platforms because these referrals are also supposed to produce some income for the referrers. So, this usually misleads these IT professionals and most of them are stuck in deciding that which platform may provide them the knowledge they are looking for.

We have conducted some research and found the most authentic and reliable platforms that are committed to keeping their promises. So, after properly analyzing the performance of these platforms, we are now ready to share the information about the platforms that IT professionals can use. Here are the best e-Learning Platforms that can provide the best information to IT professionals.


Lynda is one of the best platforms when it comes to talking about the e-Learning Platforms. During our research, we found that they only hire the IT experts to produce some tutorials for their platform. They have tutorials available on their platform that are useful for the IT professionals from all categories. The best part is that you need to buy a monthly membership for $30 only and you’ll be able to access all the courses that are available on Lynda.

You won’t have to pay any extra fee for accessing a series of the tutorial because all of them are available to you once you have purchased the membership. So, it’s the best platform to start your journey and become an expert.


Mystatlab is a new platform but it is perfect for those IT professionals that are looking to extend their knowledge about the latest technologies. The latest technologies are going to dominate the world in the future. Therefore, you should take help from this platform to expand your knowledge about these technologies. mystatlab quiz answers make it easier for you to test your knowledge regularly. You can even win big rewards by completing the quiz perfectly.


Coursera is another popular platform where experts from top Universities in the USA are helping the IT professionals. You can sign up for free to take a trial of this platform. Once you are satisfied, you’d be asked to purchase a premium membership. You can choose the plan that suits you the best. There are different plans available for different kinds of people. So, you won’t face any difficulty if you are tight on budget. Click Here and Take a look at some other e-learning platforms for IT professionals.

Top Internet Security Software You Must Purchase This Year

Have you ever imagined that what would happen to your computer if someone hacks it? Most of us believe that nobody is going to hack our computer ever because we are not running any kind of business on it. It is the common concept that hackers only hack the computers that have some secret information on them. Well, sometimes the hackers only hack your computer for some fun and once they get into your computer, they can steal anything they want.

Whether you use your computer for business or not, you always use it to make several banking transactions. So, the hackers can easily steal your banking information by getting into your computer or they can also steal your personal photographs and other documents from your computer and then use that information to blackmail you.

So, why don’t you think of securing your computer instead of becoming a victim of these illegal attempts? Today, we are going to talk about the top internet security software products that will keep you safe on the internet. Whatever device you use to visit the internet, you must install an internet security software in it because hackers can steal your information from all kinds of devices. Here is the list of top internet security software products that you must purchase this year if you want to stay safe on the internet.

Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky is one of the most popular antiviruses that is providing proper security to the customers. The firewall of this antivirus is extremely powerful than all other software products. It can immediately detect the malware and protect you from all kind of hacking attempts. You can now easily access your bank account or credit card online without worrying about being hacked. You can download and use this antivirus on your computer or any other device once you have purchased their premium account.

Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender is also a very popular Internet Security Software that has been protecting the customers from all kind of hacking attempts. There is only a minor difference between the features of Bitdefender and Kaspersky. However, the price difference may convince you to buy the Bitdefender because Bitdefender is available at very attractive rates. So, you must install this antivirus on your mobile and computer so that you may stay safe while surfing the internet.


The Norton antivirus has been around for years now and it can protect you from all kind of hacking attempts. You can use this software to detect malware on all the devices and then you can either block or delete the virus with the help of this software. The deleting feature is only available in the premium version. Therefore, you should purchase the premium version of this software. Click Here and some information about the top internet security software products.