Breaking Down Data Protection on Social Media: Latest Tips on Internet Security

The social media has become a great source of entertainment and information these days. In fact, there are many businesses that have grown instantly with the help of social media and other internet tools. You never realize the importance of data protection on social media unless you suffer from some issues. Usually, your information is secure on social media if you are using it for your personal tasks. But if you are using an account for official purposes, you should try to make it secure so that nobody can take it away from you.

I still remember the day when I logged into my company’s social media account and came to know that someone had hacked the account and performed some unusual activities on the account. It was really surprising to me because I never thought that someone can even hack my account on top social media sites. However, I reported this issue and got my account recovered but the music that I had to face was really embarrassing.

After recovering the account, the officials sent me information about data protection on social media. So, I want to share this information with you so that you may not get trapped. Here is some information about data protection on social media.

Always use your personal computer

Whenever you are trying to login to your account, make sure that you are using your personal computer because there are many tools introduced these days through which the owner of the computer can copy your password and then use it the way they want. So, you should avoid using someone else’s computer while logging in to your social media account.

Do not use free Wi-Fi

The free Wi-Fi facility is now available in all the popular places. We do not feel insecure while using these networks to log in to our account. But you should avoid using these networks for logging into your social media account because some of these networks are only supposed to steal your information and then use it the way they want.

Set Privacy

Whenever you join a social media platform, you need to make sure that you carefully set the privacy of your account so that nobody can steal your information. The privacy option is available on all the popular social media sites. So, you can use this option to secure your account from irrelevant activities.

Careful purchases

Sometimes, we use our social media accounts to purchase things from different websites. This may put our account information at a risk. We need to make sure that we are making these purchases on the authentic platforms otherwise, our information may get hacked. Even if you are purchasing instagramfollowers, you need to make sure that you are dealing with a reliable seller.

How the legendary game Counter Strike has evolved over the years

Counter Strike is one of the popular games which make everyone addict to the gaming world and people who never played games also become a part of the gaming world after playing these games. There are many people in the world who love to play Counter Strike these days.

Over the years it has been seen that counter strike has evolved a lot. Old players are completely aware of the changes they have seen during the past few years. Let’s have a look at the changes came over the years in your favorite game.


If you are the one who has seen the counter strike from the very first version before any changes were made in it, then you must be aware of the changes that occurred in the map of this game. The map is one of the most important factors in this game.

Now you can see that the changes in a map are visible and they are looking absolutely amazing. You can now have a better picture of the location when you are proceeding further in the game and when you want to reach a certain location.


We all know that the game took a very simple start but the graphics of the games were still amazing at that time. Now after years if you compare the graphics, you can see that there is a great difference.

As compared to the old graphics, the animation and overall quality of the game is much improved and it feels like you are in a virtual world. The improvement of the game attracts many gamers who want to become a regular part of the gaming world.


The weapon you’re using in the game and the points that you have to choose your favorite weapon to proceed further matter a lot in this game and they’re an important factor in this game.

In the beginning, the weapons were not only limited but expensive as well. Players had to do a lot of struggle to get their favorite weapon but now there is a wide range of weapons available for you and they’re cheap as well. Thus, you have more opportunities for enhancing your gaming experience.


When it was just a starting, people used to play it with their friends and community was not that vast at that time like it is now. Counter Strike version 1.0 had a very limited community of the players.

The game was new and you can say that it was not that popular among the people. The game started getting popular as people started playing it with their friends but now there are so many members of the community that you can’t even imagine.


Many people used to complain about the instability of the servers. They used to say that during the game it has been seen that game is getting slow but now people are also going towards the counter strike Juego es re-Bueno for a better experience.


What does a traditional RDBMS programmer or architect need to understand to be productive with NoSQL (Not-only SQL technologies) and DCP (data caching platforms)?

I asked this question of our development team.

Here’s their list of things to know:

  1. Understand how ACID compares with BASE (Basically Available, Soft-state, Eventually Consistent)
  2. Understand persistence vs non-persistence, i.e., some NoSQL technologies are entirely in-memory data stores
  3. Recognize there are entirely different data models from traditional normalized tabular formats: Columnar (Cassandra) vs key/value (Memcached) vs document-oriented (CouchDB)  vs graph oriented (Neo4j)
  4. Be ready to deal with no standard interface like JDBC/ODBC or standarized query language like SQL; every NoSQL tool has a different interface
  5. Architects: rewire your brain to the fact that web-scale/large-scale NoSQL systems are distributed across dozens to hundreds of servers and networks as opposed to a shared database system
  6. Get used to the possibly uncomfortable realization that you won’t know where data lives (most of the time)
  7. Get used to the fact that data may not always be consistent; ‘eventually consistent’ is one of the key elements of the BASE model (I see this latency issue all the time in Twitter, in ‘Followers’ list)
  8. Get used to the fact that data may not always be available
  9. Understand that some solutions are partition-tolerant and some are not

These attributes vary from one system to another. It’s as important to understand the differences among NoSQL technologies as it is important to understand how they differ from a traditional RDBMS.

Here is a pretty good list of the many NoSQL products, from a respected member of the community, Alex Popescu.

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The Evident ClearStone Cassandra Management Pack enables comprehensive Cassandra NoSQL performance monitoring. ClearStone collects statistical data from all JVMs in a cluster, and reports key performance metrics, including:

  • Thread pool statistics
  • Column Family Store statistics
  • Commit Log statistics
  • Storage Proxy statistics
  • Storage Service statistics
  • Streaming Service statistics
  • JVM statistics

ClearStone can perform parallel JMX collections from all the Cassandra nodes in the Cassandra NoSQL cluster. The data from these nodes can be consolidated and aggregated into a logical cluster as defined in the collection configuration. This provides an aggregated view of the Cassandra NoSQL clusters. Users can utilize the pre-build perspectives in the Real-Time Dashboard to monitor Cassandra NoSQL performance and other activity characteristics. In addition, administrators can configure additional monitoring policies to alert operators when there are performance issues with the Cassandra JVMs, thread pools, column family stores, etc.

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