Evident ClearStone for Java is a Java Monitoring Tool that provides actionable insight into the usage and performance across heterogeneous, distributed Java environments.

ClearStone for Java provides a holistic view of a Java applications infrastructure, even for infrastructures comprising hundreds of nodes. The Java monitoring tool meters hundreds of Java systems, and aggregate measurements across application servers and multiple instances of Web applications. ClearStone for Java monitors and manages components such as:

  • Application containers
  • Custom web applications
  • Standalone Java applications

Customizable dashboards allow users to choose the metrics, analytics and presentation for specific technology modules. Users can view application activity correlated with middleware performance, even across distributed data centers. Data is recorded for instant playback or historical archiving. ClearStone for Java supports event-driven automation using a plug-in management framework and configurable triggers.

Evident ClearStone for Java is a Java monitoring tool that provides correlated, real-time visibility into the usage, performance and health of the Java applications infrastructure. JVM information (such as garbage collection, thread counts, and heap size) is correlated against JMX metrics from any level in the application stack. Dashboards for administrators, developers, and the application support team can be built in minutes without any special skills. Correlation with the application server infrastructure itself allows you to instrument your application up and down the Java stack.


  • Reduce costs and risks associated with performance “brownouts”
  • Accelerate troubleshooting – identify and resolve performance issues before they affect end users
  • Baseline application performance in the test phase so that production-environment applications can be provisioned and configured more accurately
  • Reduce IT headaches and improve IT productivity


The Java monitoring tool collects, correlates, and visualizes data about Java applications. It also provides real-time management capabilities, enable IT to manage Java environments with great agility and effectiveness.

The Java monitoring tool includes these features:

Data Collection and Correlation

ClearStone for Java includes an out-of-the-box collector that delivers metrics via JMX. The ClearStone server can collect and correlate information from any Java MBean.

Configurable, Real-time Visualizations

ClearStone for Java collects and correlates data across JVMs, providing service-oriented views of common JVM metrics such as garbage collection, thread counts, and heap size. Dashboards can be quickly and easily configured to serve the needs of administrators, developers, and application management teams.

ClearStone’s analytics go beyond the usual “measure and present” approach common in less sophisticated Java monitoring tools: Real-time data is compared against baselines. ClearStone generates alerts on both measured and derived performance metrics. Memory recovery efficiency is correlated over series of events. ClearStone’s heat maps highlight perform hot spots and identify opportunities for resource optimization and tuning. All metrics are available in real-time through ClearStone’s 24-hour data flight recorder.

Event-Driven Management

Support for event driven management actions via a plug in management frameworks. JMX MBean operations or other management scripts can be executed, either manually during testing, or automatically when threshold or event triggers are met.


Determining which JVM’s are performing poorly, discovering how they correlate to application performance, and optimizing their memory usage, is critical to ensuring application performance and optimizing capacity. The ClearStone for Java Management Pack is a Java monitoring tool providing a single monitoring platform that supports all your Java technologies and a rich, customizable GUI that gives administrators, developers, and others the real-time insight they need in order to optimize Java performance.

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